Standard working procedure of repair for transformer

1. Accept the repair task
Operation department or user management department received the transformer fault information, asked district name, fault conditions, notify the repair team.
2. Fill in the accident repair work sheet
The repair team responsible person or technical personnel fill out the "power line emergency repair sheet."
3. Prepare the material & apparatus
(1) Materials: According to the master of the fault conditions, prepare the required materials, such as insulated wire, fuse (chip), equipment, folders and so on.
(2) Apparatus:
① power failure operation tools: insulation rod, electroscope, ground wire, signs and so on.
② climbing tools: foot buckle or foot board, helmets, seat belts and so on.
③ protective equipment: insulated shoes, gloves and so on.
④ personal five small tools: electrician pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, small hammers, small rope and so on.
⑤ other tools: hacksaw and so on.
4. Find fault point
Once repair team arrived at the scene, identify the point of failure to determine the treatment program, clear point of danger and preventive measures.
(1) anti-electric shock injury: repair personnel and charged parts to maintain a safe distance of 0.7 meters, and set up special care.
(2) anti-altitude fall: high-altitude operations must wear a seat belt, take anti-skid measures with ladders.


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